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01 Dec 2017

As you use your dell computer for various computing tasks such as emailing, installing programs, browsing, creating presentations, downloading or installing updates or sharing folders or files among other daily tasks, so it starts becoming slower with time and due to continuous use.  It is not just for dell but each computer has to face many technical errors that may occur or recur due to software compatibility & internal problems, virus infection, hardware error or network among other reasons. Here, we are explaining few important steps to make your dell computer faster that are given below:-

Step 1: -

Virus infection is doubted as the prime reason for slowdown in any system. You should check out that your system...

31 Oct 2017

Dell is a prime and world class leader of latest PC desktops, laptops, printers and other system accessories. The reliable company, aimed at making life easier and comfortable and simple with its products, has been serving all kinds of people like professional, personal or business among others. Each company and not just Dell offers live, technical, customer or other support options for its user’s convenience and to ensure that they can use services or products without troubles.


Gone are days when Dell users had limited options to know about service, product, shipping, refund, replacement, order or fix their computer errors. Those limited options may be a local authorized center and a local technician who would be...